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Tuning the 1.3 Rallye slightly


I know you/we had that topic a few times, but my english isn't the best (I hope you can understand me) and I don't want to make any mistakes with my "new" 106.

I sold my 106 GTi two years ago and recently bought a 205 GTi. Now I found a 106 1.3 Rallye S1 with only 25000kms (about 15500 miles) and bought it. From the 205 I am missing the revy engine, and the 1.3 Rallye seems to like revs

Now to my questions:
Is it possible to gain 10-15hp without doing too much to the engine? I don't want to go for itbs, tune the head or even change the Pistons.

What can I expect from an other camshaft (any suggestions?), 4-2-1 manifold, sportscat (400 cells) and full exhaust system with updated ecu? I want to be able to pass the mot without any Problems and to have a relatively good idle (but as it is not a daily Driver it is not that important). Did anyone expierienced any gains in only putting a 4-2-1 manifold on it? The stock one Looks pretty bad as far as I can judge it.

I hope you can understand all the stuff I wrote, but let me know if it is otherwise.

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To get to 110-115hp you need to make a lot of changes. Only changing the manifold will get you only a few hp up top, more in the midrange.
A guy I know had a 1.3 engine with 4-2-1 manifold, wossner pistons and a different cam and it only made around 100hp.
My 1.3 on the other hand had a lot more done to it (skimmed head, pocketed pistons, catcams 645 cam, raceland manifold and straight through exhaust, 40mm throttle bodies) but it only made around 120hp. Would probably made more if I made a beter manifold for itb's than it was, but probably not a great amount.

Original camshaft is quite wild specification and if you're looking for a nice idle you can't go much wilder than that without throttle bodies or carbs.

You could change the bottom end to 1.6 and fit the 1.3 head on. That will make a lot more torque/hp and it will still like to rev. I did something similar (1.4 block with 1.6 rods and pistons, 1.3 head so 1490ccm) and it really liked to rev (you can find some photos and videos in my topic). 1294cc vs. 1490cc engine with the same mods, made 20hp more on the same dyno. The biggest improvement was torque.

I would keep it stock. These cars are really rare nowdays.
my project thread:
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