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Engine, Exhaust & Gearbox ECU chips, decats, cam kits,

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nfu bigger valves with 737 catcams

Hi, I'm looking for information how to build 190 bhp engine for my rallye.
I'm after 190bhp with this setup:
nfu head for bigger valves
nfx block
high head gasket for clearance (I don't know the gasket high)
737 catcams
Catcams Valve Springs & Retainers
Forged Pistons
Throttle Bodies
ARP bolts
clio 182 injectors
4-2-1 manifold and few basic parts upgrades

I have the engines and more parts, just need to buy the parts for the engine head.
If any one try this setup or nfu with high lift cams, I will be happy if you can share the information.
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I don't think you will get to 190, I service for a rally saxo that uses catcams 850, so a solid tappet profile, more lift at peak and tdc and that makes 192 bhp and 150 lbft roughly.
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Old 06-09-2016, 06:18 PM   #3
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I saw the setup in pug1off site. My problem in this setup is the valves and the valves work that cost for me too much, so I'm thinking to use the nfu begger valves head.

Peugeot 106 GTi / Citroen Saxo VTS 16v Stage 4 Tuning

This tuning package is for the serious track day enthusiast or rally competitor. This is a full engine rebuild featuring the following:

• CNC re-bore in a choice of sizes
• High compression forged pistons
• ARP con-rod bolts
• Race Bearings
• Steel head gasket
• Flowed cylinder head
• Hydraulic rally camshafts
• 1 Piece oversize valves
• Uprated valve springs
• ATPower DTH Throttle Bodies
• Emerald K6 engine management system
• Big injectors
• New water pump and cambelt
• All usual seals/gaskets/fluids and filters
• Rolling road mapping

The vehicle will be with us for 1-2 weeks, the build is also available in similar specification for the TU5JP4 C2 GT / VTS engine, often this is a better option for those wishing to convert from 8v engine cars however there is no significant power advantage over the TU5J4 unit. After several developments, Pug1Off can boast an independently proven 196bhp from this build
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