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Newbie to track days

Hopefully going to be taking my car on the track at Combe action day for the first time for me and the car, any advise tips will be much appreciated??

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Hammer fuck out of it!
The Car In Front's A 16v.
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Have a look at the sticky in this section that Petros made years ago for a good grounding: http://www.106rallyeforum.com/forum2...ad.php?t=27541

Other points to remember:

- listen to the briefing carefully; often, you get so-called "experts" who glaze over and miss important points like side for overtaking (some circuits operate differently), "spin-and-in" rule, zero tolerance tosser behaviour etc.
- sounds silly, but empty all the crap out from your car; golf clubs rattling about in your boot is NOT cool
- also sounds silly, make sure your doors, boot and bonnet are done up tight; I've driven at 3-figure speeds with all of the above flapping around, so I've banned myself from having a car with any of those features now
- have fun, stay safe, bring the car home in one piece; there will be no F1 driver talent scouts

Probably tonnes more stuff as well, but I'm sure someone else will point them out as we go along.
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If it is the spring performance action day apart from what the other guys have said and linked to just give yourself some space away from other cars on track.

Don't get caught up in someone else's race / problem / accident. The action day attracts all standards of drivers and vehicles and some people have less talent than they think.
They are good days just enjoy it and have fun on the track, that's what it is all about.
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