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Problems, Servicing & Repairs Information and topics about technical problems, servicing and repairs to the Rallye

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S1 8V Modifications?

Hi guys, new to the forum and new to this car.
I'm a mechanic and have been asked by a friend to look at his Rallye. The car is heavily modified but still has the 1.3 8v engine.
My problem is not knowing which parts have been used and if there are better options.
The car is running on motorcycle carbs (R6)
It has a distributor possibly Citroen AX has a electrical unit on the side of the distributor.
Ignition Coil again looks like AX or 205.#

So the car was fine a few weeks ago, running well i'm told.
Now it starts and runs but not well and won't rev if driven ( bogs down badly, feels like multiple cylinder misfire, seems much worse than fuel starvation.

Compression test shows 165-175 all cylinders.
I have already replaced leads, cap and rotor because they looked so old but no help.
Spark seems quite weak, even from the coil lead.
Oil leaking from distributor. a little found in cap. (worried about pickup being oily)

I feel that ignition system parts should be replaced or updated to make the car reliable in the long run so I'm after suggestions on what to use. Both in terms of Distributor and possible upgrades.

Also if anyone knows what sort of ignition timing figures are required for this.

Anyone experienced these modifications?

Any help appreciated.
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