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Old 31-03-2016, 07:15 PM   #1
C6 cya
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Help starting new build tbd high comp vts

Evening all

im trying to start my saxo vtr i have put a new build high comp tbd vts engine in

(Quick spec)
Lightened and balanced crank + new billet flywheel
High comp pistons
Forged rods
Ph4 cams
Port and polished head +1mm valves
At power tbs
Omex 600 ecu +loom
New alternator +starter
Pico injectors
Swirl pot +044 fuel pump +walbro internal pump , braided fuel lines and fpr
Etb digi dash
Fia cut off switch (confident this is wired right)
I also moved the battery to the boot

The engine turns over freely by hand

When i Turn the key 2 notches both fuel pumps prime For 2 seconds (as they should to the omex instructions) , these are wird off two seperate relays and i have 12.4v on the dash (confirmed with multimeter)

I have the battery earth to the chassis, the ecu is earthed fuel pumps earth and the block and gearbox are all earth and all have been cleaned/ checked genral condition several times

Now as soon as i try and start the car the voltage drops to around 8v and the engine turns over very slowly not enough to try and start it ,
The battery is located in the boot with cable to the cut off switch mounted on the dash and then onto the fuse box starter etc i have also moved the battery to the engine bay for a short a run as possible but the result is still 8volts

I have tried my original saxo battery , a brand new saxo battery and a new civic type r battery i borrowed but i always end up with 8v for some reason which is baffeling me does anybody have any ideas where im going wrong? And could be loosing the voltage

Thanks for any ideas chris
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Old 01-04-2016, 08:55 AM   #2
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starter motor problem?
If you would connect the battery direct to the starter motor and solenoid, will it then turn freely?
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