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106 Rallyes for Sale This is the No.1 place in the world to sell your 106 Rallye

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Exclamation Forum Rules For Selling Your Rallye Here - Please Read Before Posting!

Normal forum rules apply, plus the following:

1. Only 106 Rallyes for sale are allowed in this section

2. Do NOT clog up threads with personal comments. This is the "rallyes for sale" section. If you are not in the market, then STAY AWAY from these threads. Use the pm system instead.

3. Always make sure you COLLECT any advertised cars and pay cash, especially if they are sold by non-members. You will NOT be provided with contact details of any members in case it all goes pear shaped, due to provisions in the Data Protection Act.

4. You MUST state a price! Make it ono, obo, no, anything you like. Just MAKE SURE a price appears on your post. This is NOT an auction site.

5. The Forum Owner/Moderators do NOT carry any responsibility for sales or purchases made in this section of the forum. You buy and sell at your OWN risk.

6. When you buy or sell a car on here, it is strongly advised that you take a photograph of the vendor or purchaser next to the car. It could save you hassle in the future. And when selling a car dont forget that filling in the V5 document with the new keepers details is YOUR responsibility in law. Dont hand over the V5 to the new owner and expect them to do it for you. Take 5 minutes and do it with him or her present and send it off yourself.

7. If you car sells, please can you update your threads and edit the thread title so other peoples time does not get wasted chasing after cars that have already sold

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