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Hi All,
Mixed on the hill today. Still struggling with the fuelling on the S1, now running a modified engine on itbs. But the real hassle today was the gearlinkage. On an MA box, regs need original box but it does have an lsd fitted. On the second run the bottom rod linkage came off the box, so only 1 and third for last half of the run. Re-fitted it and put some zip ties on to attempt to hold the rod ends on. Next run OK, one after and again half way up only first and third available. Though once at the top all gears could be engaged. Next run all worked well, to get best run of the day and 2nd place in class. On the way home had a couple of 'won't go in gear' moments. Once back home - all well with the shifting again.
The linkage rods were new, when the engine went in and since then it's driven no more than a hundred miles. So questions:
Are there 'better' linkages ?
Are there rose joint ones?
What do people recommend?

Looking forwards to people's thoughts.
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Cris B

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Mod the mounting plates on the box arms so that you can use rose-jointed rod ends bolted on. Fairly sure it's been covered previously if you do a search.

Edit: Like this:

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