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tuning a 1.3 rallye engine with bike carbs

I am working on an 1989 AX GT for track use in which I am planning to fit a 1.3 rallye engine. I am looking for information and ideas on how to get the most out of the engine.

I will be using the corresponding 1.3 20cb90 gearbox which I have already rebuilt, new bearings, synchros and a quaife LSD. I also have a 180mm billet steel lightweight flywheel to go with it. Clutch still to decide.

Now I am thinking about what to do to the engine?
I am planning to use bike carbs (Danst engineering solution) with the ignition system of the old AX GT 1.4 mono point engine. (Dizzy). That will save me a lot of wiring and also no need for an ECU. It will keep things simple from that end (and cheaper to start with). However, I have all the 1.3 rallye wiring loom, inlet system and ECU, but I like the idea of bike carbs and improve the performance of the 1.3 engine.

1) Will the dizzy of the 1.4 monopoint injection engine be suitable for the 1.3 engine with carbs? Will the advance ignition curve be okay and which carbs and manifold would suit the engine the best?

2) What can I do to the engine and head to get more power out of the carbs?
Flow the head to start with, different cam shaft (which one?), adjustable pulley, 4-2-1 manifold, remove the cat (allowed for cars this age in the Netherlands), anything else? Increase the compression, need for other pistons/conrods?

3) As I am going to use the short ratio 1.3 gearbox in combination with 13 inch AX GTI 4 stud wheels instead of the standard 14 inch AX GT 3 stud wheels, I don't want to run against the maximum rpm to soon when in different gears and/or blow the engine.
What can I do to increase the maximum rpm that the engine can handle?
Balance the crank shaft?, use stiffer valve springs, anything else?

Any ideas are welcome and what HP would be possible do you think?


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