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With everything happening recently, I almost forgot the CSCC dinner dance that John and I attended recently. Paul O'Neal from ITV 4's BTCC coverage was the after dinner speaker and also presented the awards. I managed to pick up an award and got a nice picture of the car to boot:

Fast forward to today and having got up at 4:45am, I went over to meet John who was ready to go with the rest of the race car loaded onto the trailer on Saturday afternoon. By 6:30am we were on the road heading south for Surrey. Miserable trip down due to weather, traffic, roadworks and the thought of letting 2 years of work go. Finally arrived at our destination just after 10:30am and first order of business was a cuppa.

As part of the deal done with Matt, our paddock garage was included to give the car somewhere to shelter until alternative arrangements can be made. This takes a bit of assembly, but once up is a pretty good all weather shelter. Once the garage was up it was quite easy to push the 106 up the hill and inside. Matt has quite a collection of Peugeots at the moment as you can see:

And the parting shot of the car as we hand over to Matt to continue the story:

Thanks for reading
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Excellent post Andrew, was great to see you both again. Temporary garage is now thoroughly secured and has a van infront for a wind block ha. I hope it doesn't hurt too badly letting the car go, think of what you have coming and that it's gone to good hands (I hope!) (Well looked after and well thrashed! )

Thats only 3 of the Peugeots! Should have moved the black one ha. I will start a thread as soon as I get this coupe done and out the way as all my attention will be on getting ready to race!
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