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Intermittent heavy steering problem

I have a standard 106 GTI and I have a weird and frustrating problem; My steering will sometimes become noticably stiffer/heavier in all situations irrelevant of weather or speed. I have had the pump changed for a second hand one and initially I thought it did the trick but apparently not. It can become heavy for a few hours/a few days/a week and then in between be fine and feel good with nice feel. There is no noise accompanying it. I have had a lot of work done on replacing most of the bushes/mounts/drop links and new front shocks too.

I'm wondering what other parts relating to the steering could be causing this. The rack doesnt show any play but I'm tempted to replace it but my mechanic says because it's intermittent it's more likely to be electrical? I'm going to take it back again but just thought I'd see if anyone has any bright ideas?!!

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Is it stiffer or not working at all?

Did you change the relay or move around some of the wiring to see if you have a broken wire.
Also check you have a good earth.
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It is common for loose plug on the alternator to stop the power steering working.

It won't always bring on the battery light either. it's usually the small plug with 2 thin wires.
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