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Suspension, Handling & Brakes Suspension set ups, uprated brakes

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right rear handbrake not coming back.

I have noticed that the hand brake lever on the right rear calliper does not want to come back after releasing the hand brake.

Wheel turns tight, if I push the had brake lever back manually the wheel is free.

It's all new stuff and reconditioned callipers that I have fitted.

Looks like the brand new cable is tight and preventing the lever to move back after releasing the hand brake.
Will try another new cable that I have.

While having removed the rubber protector, a further look shows that the spring mechanism to retract the lever is not working properly. The other side works fine.

When pushing the brake pedal, the wheel brakes fine and after releasing the pedal, the wheel is free again. Looks like the piston is not stuck.

Lubricating the lever on the top where the lock ring sits with a little wd40 did the trick. The callipers have sit for a while before I have fitted them and probably the grease was not present in the shaft well enough and got a bit stiff.

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The hand brake sometimes gets sticky, also the spring discs inside the caliper that force the mechanism back can break. But if they are new that's not likley to be the case.

In this case it sounds like the cable is just tight, that can be adjusted at the hand brake under the car. Make sure the mechanism under the rubber boot on the caliper is well geased. Taking the cable off, and working the handbrake manually with a vice grips can help get things moving if its a little sticky.

Just typed this out without reading your last edit! Ah well!
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