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Old 20-12-2015, 03:53 PM   #1
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106 Rallye S1 8V Black L473 PDU

Mileage: 126,000
MOT: Feb 2016

After 6 years of ownership the time has come for me to part with my dearly beloved. I will try and be as honest and as thorough with this advert as I possibly can to avoid any sort of messing around or disappointment.

I purchased the car back in 2009 after a mate of mine who at the time owned it had an accident in it. The damage was only front end and was not recorded as any categorized damaged. To put it right it needed a new Bonnet, Bumper and Front Right Wing. There was also some damage done in the engine bay areas which was sorted with the jig. So nothing too serious! With one reason and another I didn't get all the work done until around 18 months after I had purchased it as I decided to do a few other thing along the way.

With the engine bay needing to be jigged we needed to take the engine out, so saw it as a good time to do a bit of maintenance work on it. We changed the piston rings in the engine as well as doing all the other bits you would do whilst having the engine stripped down, such as skimming the head and re-lapping the valves in.

The first picture shows the car how it looked once I had completed all the necessary work to it, when I can get it uploaded that is!

Obviously 4 or 5 years down the line the car has aged somewhat and as you would expect she is showing signs of age with bits of rust here and there, paint chipping mainly from the new bumper which was originally red and the lacquer peel on the roof. I have tried to photograph these as best as I can for you.

The car does have MOT until Feb 16 and is currently SORN, I myself haven't been using the car for around 9 months or so but my brother was using it up until around August of this year. It still starts and runs fine. I have also recently changed a driveshaft and the thermostat. The mileage is 126,000 and has only done less than 15,000 miles since I've owned it. The tyres seem OK all round, wheels are going rusty as you can well expect from steels. They are S2 steels which are slightly wider than the standard S1 wheels. It has slightly lower springs on the front and a 2 inch Pugsport but apart from that and the wheels is completely standard, although it does have an immobiliser but I couldn't tell you if it is aftermarket or from factory. For some reason the seat belts have been changed to black instead of red as well but this was never a big issue to me.

Now to the bad points, and like I've said I will try and be as honest as I can with these. The roof does have lacquer peel and obviously it will only get worse. The paint on the front bumper is chipping and starting to show up the original red colour. There is also paint chip around the rear arches. The interior is good but not perfect. There is the odd couple of stains as well as a chewing gum stain which I've never been able to rid of. The front driver and passenger seats wobble a bit but they do fold down and move back and forward as they should. The engine management light had recently started to come on on the odd occasion for some reason, it usually turns itself off though. The car doesn't drive perfect either. As far as my mechanical knowledge tells me it more than likely needs a new steering rack and/or engine mounts as its a bit jumpy to drive. The car also has numerous minor dents on both doors but I was unable to get these to show up on the photos. I've also included a photo of the boot area so that you can see the bits of rust that are appearing, but they are nothing too serious.

I'll some these up for those who I bored throughout.

Good Points:

- Changed piston rings less than 15,000 miles ago
- Valves re-lapped
- New driveshaft
- New thermostat
- S2 wheels
- 2 inch Pugsport

Bad Points:

- Previously been in an accident
- Roof lacquer peel
- Chipped paint in places
- Small dents around car
- Drives jumpy, probably steering rack and/or engine mounts
- Couple of stains on seats
- Small bits of rust in boot

Only get in contact with me if you are genuinely interested as I don't have time to be wasted with people who have no idea what they are coming to look at. I will leave my number and if you are genuinely interested you will call me and not text me with stupid questions that I wont bother answering to.

I've already been offered 1200 for the car by a lad I know so I will be setting that as the benchmark price. I would almost rather see him have the car unless someone could considerably beat it.

As always viewing is highly recommended.

Contact me anytime.

If anyone can help with posting the photos that would also be great.

If I've missed anything please let me know.

Hope I haven't bored you all too much.

Thanks, Josh 07972550440
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I've already been offered 1200 by a friends of my brothers, and I'd almost rather see him have it unless someone was to beat the offer.
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Alright Josh I didnt realise it was you who had this rallye mate, its James that plays pool with Lee at the sitwell
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