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Cam options?

Hi Guys,

Just wanted your opinion on cams for my hybrid engine.

Currently running a TUPY 3 306600 block (from a ph2 GTI / Saxo 16v I believe), with a JP3 head from a C2. Inside it's running the 106 GTI cams with springs / followers, pulleys etc. It's using the .62mm head gasket so compression is near to stock with the JP3 pistons.

I've called a few places, and I am told this engine combo doesn't work and it will be tappy as hell, even though I am using it and it sounds / runs fine! Currently with no remap, just timing adjusted, open air filter and four branch I'm led to believe it's running 137hp, unsure of torque (HP was claimed by last owner of the engine when Dyno'd, I've yet to get it on one as there are none close to me). Which probably does sound about right. I've had it on the weighbridge and it was 860KG rounded up to the nearest 20, I roughly calculated 850 so that also sounds about right.

0-60 sprint times are 6.06 / 6.1 / 6.02 so allowing for speedo error mid 6's and it pulls up to 80 quite nicely, so I believe it is currently sitting around 150-160hp per ton area (allowing for differences in weight and hp).

I'd like to try and get it closer to 180 per ton. Torque isn't a massive issue as on the track it lives at higher RPM, but I certainly do not want to lose any.

Anyhow, that's a little info on the car and what I am looking for. I wanted to try and fit 705 cams, I am told by Kam Racing they are specifically for this version (J4 / JP4 head), but a few other places say there will not be the clearance at TDC for these with J4 pistons and I should opt for something more mild like a 703.

Just wondered what your thoughts were on the current build I have and whether decent gains (>+10%) can be had from what it currently sits at with cams and mapping. Or whether it's best to just keep how it is and go straight to ITB's with a standalone (although, I understand that can lose midrange?).


*Edit* Also it did not have a cat, I have just fitted a standard 400 cell one as it's MOT time and noticed no noticeable drop off in performance at all, would you leave it on? Thanks!
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