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Rallying, Racing & Motorsport Does your rallye compete in any form of motorsport? Post here with all info!

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Best class to be competitive in a low spec car

I have a relatively standard Peugeot 106 with a 1600cc 16v engine and I am finding it difficult to improve on my class positions on events. The engine is standard with just basic induction and exhaust upgrades, an LSD, AP Brakes and Grp N cup car suspension.

The best I had ever managed is 3rd in class and 14th OA at Down Ampney a few years ago and since then it's been mainly 4th to 6th.

I'm finding it a bit fustrating as I feel that I can't get the car to go any faster (someone with more skill probably could) and so was wondering if I'm in the wrong class.

I think a 1.4 TU engine would fit in my car nicely, or I could fit cams to my engine to give it another 15 BHP. I can't afford throttle bodies so standard inlet will have to do.

What are your opinions on this? Am I being unrealistic in hoping for a result in class in a 1600? Would my budget allow me to be more competitive in a 1400?

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Is instruction a feasible option within rallying?
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Dave P
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Every class will be competitive, not just the one you're in just now.
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Interesting post. I have been involved in motorsport for many years and raced, with success, for years. I am now a commentator and do some driver training too. I have just bought an S1 Rallye to have some fun with in lanes and Endurance events....

It took me years to find this out, but chassis setup is hugely important with fwd cars. Never mind discussing dyno sheets and bhp outputs. Get someone who has won before to do a basic setup on your car if you can. Tracking, castor, camber cornerweights etc . If these have not been done before, it will make a huge difference.
What cars are you competing against in your class?
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