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Cris B

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Turned card templates into steel:

End of the bulkhead was a bit ropey so marked it out and then cut a big bigger chasing the rust. This needed doing as you need to be able to weld this into the inner arch repairs.

Not too bad under the seam, only the end section nearest the arch needed some new metal in the lower part. Repaired with a patch panel.

I've fabbed up a section to close up the wheel arch (took hours), but before I fit it I thought I'd check out the chassis rail a bit more closely because it didn't look too clever. Also it gave more space to work in to assess things.

Worse underneath in places...

So chopped and drilled quite a bit and confirmed my suspicions. Several holes in the bottom of the rail. So all this came out. Some of which will be kept as a guide for making repair panels.

This resulted in a large hole.

There is more to come out but I need to put some new metal back in to try and keep some shape to it all before I chop out anymore.

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Slower Than Mike
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Watching this with interest Cris - my S2 has gone in the same spot, although I'm going to have to get the front wishbone mount off the leg as well as it's rotted a bit further back too.
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