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Old 02-06-2017, 03:27 PM   #1
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tomy63 in rallye s1 red from France

hello my name is thomas and i live in France
More precisely from Auvergne

Here is my 106 rallye1300 red that has lived a few years in English with the registration N794JRK

It displays a little less than 60 000kms on the counter and it belonged to an elder of the forum the interior is irreproachable and entirely of origin but the outside needs little care. A lot of what has been done since I own it are the wheel arches which have been completely redone and treated against rust (photo file to come), the front bumper has found its original blade and the shutters and the door Driver is in bodywork because too damaged.
Next work:
Big polishing, installation of a new kit deco as well as the door jambs and complete overhaul of the engine and replacement of old michelin

Here are pictures of my previous 106

my ex rallye s2

my ex gti

for the rust

It's brand new now treated, welded, harsh, and repainted with protective layer. Now I can: pilot: quietly: fufu:
Here's how I prossed

So we scrape the blackson and surprise the first tole is rusted left and right: evil: it goes nothing bad then the rest of the car is superclean so after a blow of discouragement it puts a small slap and go to work !!! : Lol:

Then we cut and put the second toles a white:

Treated with an after copper rustproof to be conductive for the welding:


Welding and then grinding a new plate which has been cut and formed beforehand:

Then we go into painting with a brush beforehand one can everywhere, then a cataphoresis shot, anti-gun with the pistol that we have at work:

And here it goes again for 20 years

For those who fear to do all this I want to clarify that I am not bodybuilder, and that with hindsight, bah it is not too bad in taking its time
The rest of the car having nothing I just controlled and treated as preventive areas at risk.

Mechanical part
- new clutch cable (see clutch kit if this does not solve the problem)
-replacement of the water pump distribution kit (also if there are notices on the marks to be taken:?)
-location of the stops of the motor support distribution by those of 205 rallye
-replacement of the anticouple by a powerflex black series
-montage of decate stainless devil
-passage with big brakes of 206 s16 in 266x22 with small red paint of the calipers
- can be a silencer if I find one: roll: -the radiator has been replaced by one of tu5jp bva (wider than 1cm)
-the box has been revised (all bearings and syncros of 3/4 in preventive and stop sachs)

Small pictures of the box (bearings and syncro)

Then mounting of the brake 206 gti in 266x22


[a]aesthetic part and cockpit [/u]
-location of my driver's door which was curved and dented following an attempt at theft
-poncage to 6000 and complete polishing of the car
-post of a complete deco kit from cahillou
-poses door post adhesives
-replacement of loudspeakers that are tired
-replacing the right rear light that has tiny cracks but I do not like seeing

thanks you reading me

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Join Date: Jun 2017
Location: LE CENDRE
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225 views and no welcome posts, it's cool
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We are a friendly bunch really, welcome along!
Always good to see a S1 project. What forum do you use in France?
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Welcome along. Very nice project you have.
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