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Newbie Introductions New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

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Hello from the North West coast of England

Hello my name is Paul and I live on the North West coast of England.
I've been into cars all my life & owned a couple of 309's (a gti and a gld) back in the day along with a 205GTI for a while.
The 309 GLD was my first Peugeot which was modified with koni springs & shocks, the torsion bar adjusted and GTI wheels. I ran the car for over 150,000miles before I wanted something a bit quicker. The koni shocks were transferred over onto the 309GTI which eventually got replaced with a 205 GTI. (why didn't I keep them in a lock up)

A good few years later in which I have had to own sensible cars due to kids and a dog (I still had a kit car I restored about 15 years ago so wasn't too bad). I had to get rid of the kit car a couple of years ago due to lack of use (it did on average 100 miles a year for the last few years).

My wife had decided she wanted a small car and after a lot of messing we have ended up with a 106 xt 1.6 5 door. I know its not a rallye or gti but it fits our needs at the moment.

It was bought with a few known issues one of which has turned into a nightmare.
The mechanical issues I can deal with easily.
When bought the car sunroof and most of the roof was covered in many layers of gaffer tape. Under the gaffer tape was so much silicone it was silly.

Worse bit the car still was filling with water.

I am slowly trying to get the car dry and back to how it should be.

I never realised getting 106 parts was going to be so hard.
I still expected them in the local scrap yards but they are rarer than I thought.
Luckily I have managed to source most stuff I am looking for on ebay.

I have registered here to say thanks as some of the information on the 106 sunroof leaks was sourced here & the one thing I said in my mind that I thought it would never be turned out to be one of the many leaks.
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Cris B

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Welcome on board. Lots of knowledge on here so feel free to shout out if you need a hand.

Plenty of Peugeot parts specialists out there. Can be cheaper than eBay...
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